Toyota C+Pod: Compact Car With 9.06 kWh Battery & 150 km Range



Toyota C+Pod - 150 km Range

In the bustling cities of Japan, you can see one of the coolest tiny cars that you will ever see – the Toyota C+Pod. This ultra-compact electric car is more than just a novelty; it embodies Toyota’s bold step into the world of electric mobility. 

Let’s explore the history, design, and performance of this innovative creation, and explore why it could be the game-changer Toyota needs to reclaim its technological throne.

The Rise and Resurgence of Japanese Innovation

Remember the glory days of Japanese technology in the 80s and 90s? From Nintendo to Sony, Japan was synonymous with cutting-edge innovations. 

However, in recent years, China has taken the lead in technological dominance. And, also Toyota was on the back foot when it comes to EVs. But amidst this shift, Japan is making a resolute comeback, led by Toyota’s C+Pod.

Embracing Efficiency: A Nod to Post-War Japan

Rewind to 1949, post-World War II Japan faced economic challenges and limited resources. 

The solution? Kei cars – compact, efficient vehicles tailored to the needs of a thrifty populace. 

These vehicles, epitomized by the C+Pod, prioritized efficiency, heralding a new era of Japanese innovation.

Unveiling the C+Pod: Form Meets Function

C+Pod design was previewed by the Ultra-Compact BEV concept car from October 2019, and its production form was revealed on 25 December 2020. 

Toyota sold the first batch of C+Pod only to corporate users, local governments, and other organizations in Japan. It is later sold to individual customers starting in December 2021.

The C+pod is a very small car, with dimensions of 98.5 inches long, 51.6 inches wide, and 61.2 inches tall. It has a curb weight of just 1,500 pounds.

At first glance, the C+Pod might seem peculiar with its narrow profile and plastic body. However, these design choices serve a purpose. The focus on lightweight materials and streamlined design optimizes efficiency and range. 

The compact dimensions make it perfect for navigating tight city streets while providing ample space for occupants.

Efficiency Personified: Battery and Motor Dynamics

Beneath its unassuming exterior lies a technological marvel. The C+Pod boasts a small yet potent 9.06 kWh battery, coupled with a 9.2 kW electric motor. 

Despite its diminutive size, this combination offers an impressive 150 km of range (as per Japanese standards). 

Toyota’s mastery of efficiency ensures that every kilowatt-hour is maximized for an optimal driving experience.

Performance and Practicality Blend

While not a performance powerhouse, the C+Pod is tailor-made for city dwellers. 

With a top speed of 60 km/h, it effortlessly navigates urban environments. 

The rear-wheel drive layout and clever packaging of the wheels create a spacious interior, making it a comfortable and practical choice for daily commutes.

Plastic Fantastic: Unconventional Materials for a Purpose

Toyota’s innovation extends to the materials used in the C+Pod. 

Plastic body panels contribute to its lightweight construction, enhancing efficiency and range. 

While this might sound unconventional, the result is a nimble and eco-friendly vehicle that aligns with Toyota’s vision of a sustainable future.

Inside the Pod: A Glimpse into Simplicity

Step inside the C+Pod, and you’re greeted with a minimalist interior designed for functionality. 

Basic features, such as air conditioning and heated seats, prioritize comfort without unnecessary frills. 

The absence of a complex touchscreen infotainment system underscores Toyota’s dedication to efficiency over superfluous technology.

Toyota C+Pod Specs and Price

Body style3-door hatchback
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive
Electric motor9.2 kW (12 hp) permanent magnet synchronous
Battery9.06 kWh lithium-ion
Range150 kilometers (93 miles) WLTC (Class 1 only)
Charging time5 hours from a standard household outlet
Top speed60 kilometers per hour (37 miles per hour)
Dimensions2,490 mm (98.0 in) long, 1,290 mm (50.8 in) wide, 1,550 mm (61.0 in) tall
Weight670–690 kg (1,477–1,521 lb)
Price¥1.65 million (about US$15,000)

The Road Ahead: A Plea for Toyota’s Commitment

As the automotive landscape shifts towards electrification, Toyota stands at a pivotal crossroads. 

The C+Pod demonstrates the company’s ability to create efficient, practical electric vehicles. 

The challenge lies in sustaining this momentum and translating it into a broader range of offerings. 

With competition from China looming, Toyota’s commitment to innovation will determine its future success.

Toyota C+Pod: Pros and Cons


  • Small and lightweight for easy maneuverability in urban areas
  • Zero emissions
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable price
  • Advanced safety features
  • Built-in power supply


  • Limited range
  • Slow charging speed
  • Not available in all countries
  • Not suitable for long-distance travel

Conclusion: A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Efficient Mobility

The Toyota C+Pod marks a significant step in Japan’s resurgence as a technological powerhouse. 

Through its compact design, innovative use of materials, and unwavering focus on efficiency, Toyota showcases its capability to create electric vehicles that cater to the needs of everyday city life. 

As we look to the horizon, the success of the C+Pod could signal a new era of sustainable mobility, where efficiency reigns supreme and the roads are filled with vehicles like this unassuming yet game-changing electric car.

So, would you buy the C+Pod if Toyota opens it for other markets? I will definitely consider buying it. Let us know your thoughts.

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