Breaking Limits: Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package Hits 200 MPH



Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package Hits 200 MPH

Big news from Tesla – they’re finally delivering on the promise of incredible top speed for their Model S Plaid. 

The company is launching a new Model S Plaid Track package that includes upgraded brakes, new wheels and tires, and more, all designed to push the Plaid to its limits.

The Model S Plaid has always been an impressive vehicle, sprinting to 60 mph in just 2.1 seconds. However, at launch, its top speed has been limited to 163 mph. 

With the release of the new Track mode last year, although the top speed was pushed to 175 mph (the highest recorded ever), it was not the promised 200 mph.

But, last summer, it was reported that the Tesla Model S Plaid managed to surpass the 200 mph speed limit after its owner tinkered with the vehicle’s settings to disable the speed limiter. The electric supercar impressively hit a top speed of 216 mph (348 km/h), proving its potential to dominate the track.

What was the limiting factor? Brakes. Tesla wanted to make sure the Plaid could slow down after hitting its new top speed, so they’ve added six-piston forged front calipers and four-piston forged rear calipers with high-performance pads. 

The package also includes “track-ready” brake fluid and can be bought separately from the rest of the Track pack.

But that’s not all – the package also includes new wheels and tires. The new brakes are compatible with the 21-inch “Arachnid” wheels but not the 19-inch “Tempest” rollers.

So, how much will this cost you? Tesla lists the price as “$15,000-$20,000.” It’s unclear whether the $15,000 tag gets you the carbon-ceramic brake kit on its own or if the full $20,000 includes the wheels and tires as well. Regardless, the Model S Plaid Track package will become available in June 2023 and can be retrofitted to 2021 and newer Plaid models.

Overall, the Model S Plaid Track package is a thrilling addition for those who want to push their Plaid to the max. With upgraded brakes, new wheels and tires, and more, this package is designed for the true automotive enthusiasts out there. We can’t wait to see what kind of performance this package unlocks!


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