Nissan Unveils ARIZON Concept: CMF-EV based SUV



Nissan Arizon: SUV concept for China

Nissan is making some serious noise at Auto Shanghai 2023 by showcasing an electrifying range of vehicles that aims to leave a lasting impression on car enthusiasts. 

The two EV concepts that made their debut at the event are the Max-Out convertible sports car (China debut) and the Arizon SUV (Global debut), which is designed to cater to the diverse mobility needs of Chinese drivers.

The Arizon concept is the brainchild of Nissan’s Chinese team, who have put their global EV expertise to good use by creating a multifunctional partner that offers an unparalleled EV experience to drivers in China. 

The sleek exterior design and well-crafted cabin emit a warm, high-tech glow that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. 

Built on the CMF EV platform, the Arizon boasts a low center of gravity and a spacious, pillarless open-air cabin that comes with an expansive auto-dimming glass roof.

Nissan has placed human-centric design at the forefront of the Arizon concept, with a new virtual personal assistant named Eporo that elevates the driving experience beyond mobility. 

Eporo interacts with passengers in a human-like manner and provides accurate responses using real-time data such as time and weather. 

Nissan Arizon Interior
Nissan Arizon Interior – Photo Credit: Nissan

The Arizon also boasts an innovative interactive lighting system that recognizes people and automatically adapts illumination to suit their preferences. With intuitive modes such as leisure, relax, sleep, and surprise, the lighting ambiance provides premium hospitality with seamless, personalized interactions.

The Arizon concept is tailored to Chinese customers seeking a personalized solution, with Nissan taking a software-defined vehicle approach that extends the vehicle experience beyond mobility.

New levels of connectivity and integration will enable Nissan’s vehicles to blur the lines between digital and physical realities, making for a more seamless driving experience.

While Nissan has not confirmed whether the Arizon concept will go into production, COO Ashwani Gupta acknowledged that China is one of the most technologically sophisticated markets in the world, and that there is a growing demand for increased electrification and advanced sustainability. Nissan is working hard to meet these demands. So we can expect to hear more from them soon.

If you’re interested in attending Auto Shanghai 2023, it’s taking place at Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center and is open to the public from April 18-27.

Make sure to visit Nissan’s booth at Hall 7.2, where you can get a closer look at their exciting new vehicles.


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