Are fingerless motorcycle gloves safe? [Know this before BUYING!]



Are Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves Safe?

When riding a motorcycle, obviously, the safety of the rider and passenger should be the greatest concern. That is why we need to be more cautious when selecting protective gear.

Riding gloves are designed to give the necessary protection for the hands of the rider. However, you might have wondered whether fingerless motorcycle gloves are safe to use.

Fingerless motorcycle gloves are safe to use. It covers and protects palms and knuckles, which are the most vulnerable areas of the hands of a rider in an accident. However, it is less safe than full-finger gloves since it exposes fingers.   

When selecting a pair of gloves for riding, we need to consider many factors besides safety. So, don’t be in a rush to rule out the fingerless gloves option.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about fingerless motorcycle gloves, such as how fingerless differ from full-finger gloves, the pros, and cons, what to look at when choosing a fingerless glove, and different options you have in the market to buy.

So, let’s get started!

Comparison of Fingerless Gloves to Other Types   

Nowadays, glove manufacturers are trying to meet the unique needs of users when designing gloves. Due to that, you may have come across quite different glove designs targeting the type of ride, riding style or conditions, etc.

The most heard types are short cuff gloves, fingerless gloves, gauntlet gloves, dirt gloves, and race gloves. Under some of these too, again there are glove designs for winter, summer, dual sport, and so on.

So, what is the uniqueness of fingerless gloves over others?

The only difference in the design is fingerless gloves do not go all the way up to the tip of the fingers. It covers only about one-third of the fingers and leaves the remaining part exposed. This gives more flexibility and freedom to the rider’s hands.

It is more comfortable to wear for long periods since it ventilates hands and reduces sweating. However, it compromises safety a little since the rider’s fingers are exposed.    

Fingerless vs Short Cuff and Gauntlet Gloves?

Converse to fingerless, both short cuff and gauntlet glove types provide more protection to the hand. The short cuff covers up to the wrist while the gauntlet extends further, wrapping the entire wrist area. Both types come with quite a range of options for riders to select from. 

Out of different types, almost all riders probably possess at least one pair of either short-cuff gloves or fingerless gloves since they are the obvious choice for casual riding. Gauntlet is selected by riders who are either more concerned about safety or doing the off-road or adventurous riding.  

Pros and Cons of Fingerless Gloves

Before making a buying decision, we should look at the pros and cons of wearing fingerless gloves. 


  • Fingerless gloves are breathable (the biggest plus point!). It reduces sweating due to ventilation which reduces discomfort, especially in summer. 
  • It frees up the fingers of the rider entirely so that it allows him to do a lot of tasks without removing the glove (the most significant plus point!). Using the touch screens of mobiles or tabs, grabbing something small such as coins, candy, etc. is possible with fingerless gloves.   
  • With fingerless gloves, riders can have a solid grip on the handlebar.
  • These are lightweight due to less material and simple design.
  • Additionally, it looks more stylish than the rest.


  • It does not protect the rider’s fingers (the most significant minus point). Unfortunately, every rider has experienced falling or crashing. In such a situation, the fingers can be damaged if the rider wears fingerless motorcycle gloves.

What to Look for When Selecting Fingerless Gloves?

If you consider buying fingerless gloves, it is important to know what to look for before selecting a particular brand. Here’s what you need to check. 

  • Material: Look for gloves made from high-quality materials that are durable and breathable, such as leather, synthetic leather, or neoprene. But, they get affected in extreme weather conditions such as stretching in hot conditions and cracks in cold. 
  • Fit: Make sure to select gloves that fit snugly but aren’t too tight. Gloves that are too loose can impair your grip and dexterity. You can choose the manufacturer’s size chart to get the correct fit. 
  • Padding: Consider gloves that have padding in the palm and on the back of the hand to provide additional protection and reduce vibration.
  • Grip: Look for gloves that have a textured surface on the palm to provide a better grip on tools or equipment.
  • Flexibility: Choose gloves that allow for a good range of motion in your fingers and wrists.
  • Purpose: Consider what you’ll be using the gloves for. If you’re using them for cycling, for example, you may want to look for gloves that have additional padding on the palm.
  • Comfort: Ensure the gloves are comfortable to wear, with features like moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your hands dry, and adjustable closures to ensure a secure fit.
  • Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend on gloves before you start shopping. 

Overall, selecting a pair of fingerless gloves that are comfortable, durable, and suited to your specific needs is key to ensuring optimal performance and protection for your hands.

Types of Fingerless Gloves

Street & Steel Fingerless Gel Gloves

Stree Steel Fingerless Gel Gloves

The Fingerless Gel Leather Motorcycle Gloves are great for motorcycle rides where your hands start to feel shaky. They have a soft gel palm that feels comfortable, and they’re made with high-quality materials. You’ll hardly even realize you’re wearing them because they’re so comfy.

  • Premium grade cowhide leather construction
  • Grip-side finger and wrist perforations for ventilation
  • Gel pad palm for riding comfort
  • Hook-and-loop wrist closure for optimal fit adjustment

Street & Steel Sawed Off Fingerless Gloves

Street & Steel Sawed Off Fingerless Gloves

When you ride your motorcycle fast down the highway, it’s an exciting experience, and you can do it with style. The Street & Steel Sawed Off Fingerless Leather Motorcycle Gloves are perfect for this type of ride because they let you feel the controls of your bike, instead of the vibration from your engine. The gloves have a fingerless design and gel palms that provide comfort and grip. So, go ahead and hit the gas and enjoy the ride!

  • Comfort gel palms to soak up vibrations
  • Aniline leather for comfortable durability
  • Reflective piping for visibility
  • Injection molded knuckles
  • Pre-curved for all-day comfort
  • Hook and loop wrist closure

INBIKE Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves (Breathable Goatskin Leather)

INBIKE Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves Breathable Goatskin Leather

Premium fingerless motorcycle gloves, perfect for all your summer rides! Made with soft goat leather and breathable holes on the back. These gloves ensure comfort and breathability.

  • Made of soft goat leather and breathable holes on the back of gloves
  • The PVC shell on the knuckle prevents the rider from injuries when riding
  • Anti-shock & Anti-slip Pad
  • The elastic cuff is with the hook & loop, easier to adjust the tightness to fit the rider’s wrist
  • Thickened pad on the thumb and the sides can effectively protect the palm and reduce friction.


Do fingerless motorcycle gloves work for sweaty hands?

Yes, fingerless motorcycle gloves can work for sweaty hands. Many fingerless gloves come with breathable holes and moisture-wicking materials to keep your hands cool and dry.

Are fingerless motorcycle gloves cheaper than regular gloves?

Fingerless motorcycle gloves can be cheaper than regular gloves, but the price ultimately depends on the brand, material, and features of the gloves.

Are fingerless motorcycle gloves good for women?

Yes, fingerless motorcycle gloves can be good for women. Many brands offer gloves specifically designed for women’s hands, with features such as a narrower fit and smaller finger lengths.

Are fingerless motorcycle gloves riskier in rain?

Fingerless motorcycle gloves may not provide as much protection against the rain as full-fingered gloves, but they can still provide some level of grip on the handlebars. It’s important to consider the weather conditions and choose the appropriate gloves for your ride.

Do fingerless motorcycle gloves provide enough protection in case of an accident?

Fingerless motorcycle gloves provide some level of protection to the hands, but they may not offer as much protection as full-fingered gloves. It’s important to consider the level of protection you need and choose the appropriate gloves for your ride.

Can fingerless gloves be used for other activities besides riding?

Yes, fingerless gloves can be used for various activities such as weightlifting, cycling, and more. They provide a better grip and allow for more dexterity than full-fingered gloves.


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